City Of Good


In Recognition and Appreciation of Your Leadership and Contribution Towards a City of Good.

National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre launches its vision of Singapore as City of Good, more details at The Straits Times Photo courtesy of ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

COH was invited to the City of Good Appreciation Luncheon on 14 October 2019. COH President, Mr Dennis Huang and Peter Tan

The City of Good is a vision of a shared future where we give our best for others and everyone experiences the joy and dignity of giving.

Each of us plays a valuable role as citizens, family members and neighbours. Some of us bear the mantle of leadership in public, private and community organisations as champions of important causes that relieve suffering, provide care and inclusion, unleash aspiration and create joy and beauty.

How will we build a City Of Good

A City of Good is made up of three pillars: People, organisations and leaders. NVPC’s initiatives enable and empower these three groups to give their best for others. They also run the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards to recognise excellence in giving.

More information at City Of Good website

President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy awards teams receiving were
CEO Keppel Care Foundation, Mr Ho Tong Yen, Chairman NTUC Income Boards Of Director Mr Ronald Ong, Ms Fiona Phua Founder Of Keeping Hope Alive, Ms Devi Mani Head & Associate Director C4SR, PVPA Dr William Wan, Ms Dipa Swarminathan Founder Israiningraincoats, CEO Susan Chang Greenpac, Mr Adam Rahman, Head of Corporate Affairs, Citi Singapore, PVPA youth Mr Abbas Ali Mohamed Irshad.

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