How Do I Know?

How do I know if my child or loved one has a disability? You may suspect that your child or loved one has a disability if something about them seems “different” or “off”.
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What Do I Do?

What do I do after that? Having a disabled child or loved one can be physically and emotionally challenging for parents and caregivers, and some may even feel guilty.
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Who Can Help?

What are my options? Who can help?
For parents with children aged 0-6:
– Eden’s Children Centre
– Centre for Enable Living
– Rainbow Centre
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Christian Outreach to the Handicapped (COH) is a member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS), the national body that coordinates the social service sector in Singapore.

The Centre for Enabled Living Ltd (CEL) is the first stop centre in Singapore for all disability services. CEL provides information and referral services, administers all disability schemes, provides support to caregivers and implements public education programmes. To find out more, please read the “Who can Help?” section appended above.

To apply for a place in COH for your child or loved one, please refer to the Services menu tab at the top of this page.

To find out how you can support us, click the image.   . Do read the selection of stories we have appended below.

An old man was picking up objects off the beach and tossing them out into the sea. A young man approached him and saw that the objects were starfish. “Why in the world are you throwing starfish into the water?”

“If the starfish are still on the beach when the tide goes out and the sun rises high in the sky they will die,” replied the old man.

“That is ridiculous. There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. You can’t really believe that what you’re doing could possibly make a difference!”

The wise old man picked up another starfish, paused thoughtfully, and remarked as he tossed it out into the waves, “It makes a difference to this one.”

Originally written by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)