Make a Shoe Fish

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This is a great activity for groups of special needs children with varying disabilities because those who have more difficulty drawing, cutting and pasting, will also feel a part of the activity.

This whimsical Shoe Fish Project is a sure way to get children giggling in no time. Featured on, it is a brilliant idea by Aaron Kinn, an art teacher in Illinois.

By lending their shoes to the project, making Shoe Fish can help increase your special needs child’s awareness of her feet and encourage her to be comfortable with them. Get the whole family involved and create your very own sea of fish.

Here’s how:

  • Get your child to take off her shoe or help her remove her shoe, explaining that you will use it as part of an art project
  • Trace the bottom of the shoe
  • Draw various parts of the fish (fin, tail, eye, mouth) on and around the outline of the shoe
  • Colour the fish and cut them out

Paste the Shoe Fish on a piece of blue vanguard sheet so that it looks like they are swimming in water. Get the children to decorate the background with bubbles, aquatic plants, fishing hooks, and etc.

Alternatively, attached magnets to the Shoe Fish so that they can be moved about on a metallic board decorated with an ocean theme.

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