Make Cheery Sunflowers

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Make a Gift with Your Special Needs Child

Your special needs child can improve his gross and fine motor skills through this vibrant sunflower art and craft project.

Show him a real sunflower so that he can connect with nature and be inspired by it. Get him to touch the flower so he can experience its texture, taking note of the velvety petals that are differentiated from each other.

Here’s how:

  1. Paint the edge of a small (5-inch diameter) paper plate yellow. This will get him to practice his gross motor skills.
  2. If your child can use a pair of scissors, guide him to create petals by making slits on the edge of the plate, after the paint dries. You can help him by drawing lines on the back of the plate.
  3. Using a black marker, create seeds by dotting the centre of the plate.
  4. Attach a popsicle stick to create a ‘stem’.

Use it as a fan!

Inspired by a creative paper plate craft featured on

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