Make Fun Stuff with Shapes

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Repetition is an essential element in teaching special needs children. Constant use of shapes in art and craft activities can reinforce what they have learnt and expand their imagination.

Keep a stash of cards and papers in all shapes in your drawer. Call out the name of the shape that you use, regardless of whether your child is verbal or not. Even if he cannot repeat after you, it can help him to recognise the shape more easily in the long term.

Here are some ideas of how you can have fun with triangles! Begin by watching this video.


Kaitlyn from shares how to create a Gone Camping Craft with your child’s picture in it. You can make your own tent from any piece of paper or download the template she’s included on the page.

And, Stacey from shows us how to make a Popsicle Stick Shark with a triangular body and tail.



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