Paint with Popsicle Sticks

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Use a Popsicle® stick to spread paint and create colourful masterpieces. This fun activity featured on, is suitable for adults with special needs, allowing them to practise various skills, including:

  • Fine motor skills – by holding a spoon to scoop paint and dropping it on construction paper
  • Gross motor skills – by using broad strokes to spread paint
  • Language skills – by naming colours and listening to instructions
  • Observation skills – by watching paint mix to form new colours.

Spreading paint is a creative process that is fluid and organic in nature. There are few rules to follow, offering the adult with special needs room for self-expression, without words.


You’ll need:

  • Large Popsicle® sticks
  • Small bowls/containers filled with liquid paint of different colours e.g. red, blue, yellow, white and black
  • Plastic spoons to scoop paint
  • Waterproof tablecloth or loads of newspaper!
  • Construction paper
  • Translucent waxed paper/clear plastic (large enough to cover a sheet of construction paper)
  • Masking tape

Here’s how:

  • Protect the table with waterproof cloth or newspaper
  • Scoop paint from a bowl and drop it on a sheet of construction paper
  • Place different coloured blobs of paint throughout the paper
  • Cover the construction paper with waxed paper/clear plastic
  • Use masking tape to adhere the waxed paper/clear plastic to the table
  • Spread the paint by moving the edge of a Popsicle® stick over the waxed paper/clear plastic
  • Observe how the colours are mixed or note how they contrast
  • Remove and discard the waxed paper/plastic sheet
  • Allow the construction paper to dry

Frame these unique art pieces and give them out as presents.

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