A Powerful Love Story: Mike and Tanya

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My wife Tonya she has what’s called locked-in syndrome. And pretty much that means that she can feel her body and she can hear and see but she can’t move anything anything at all.

she can breathe by herself she can't open her mouth she can't eat

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My wife Tonya she has what’s called locked-in syndrome. And pretty much that means that she can feel her body and she can hear and see. But she can’t move anything anything at all except for her eyes.

She finally moved them up and down so my wife is having a synchronic copying problems and over space of about five months it just couldn’t be resolved. So she winning four day surgery to get some stuff done on her throat. Dropped her off and got a phone call later that day that they’ve been a problem and it was immediately apparent that something had gone horribly horribly wrong.

We found out over the course of the next two weeks that she had something called locked-in syndrome and this came about as a result of a stroke to the base of her brainstem. She can breathe by herself she can’t open her mouth she can’t eat. She can look up for yes and down for no so we can communicate in a fashion.  But it’s taken a lot of getting used to Tony and I used to be extremely active. We lived in Colorado, it’s the Rocky Mountains snowboarding snowshoeing camping.  The snow our idea of a great weekend was enough an expedition tent in the middle of the wilderness in the snow.

Right up together in the sleeping bag and we were happy. We basically only what we can carry on our backs and that was a realisation for us very early in our relationship. It didn’t matter what happened whether we lost our jobs as long as we could be together. The worst thing about this entire journey was not being together. We were facing the prospect of trying to find the Libyan situation that where I could live with Tanya in care. But nobody did, then I was distraught constantly but we found someone who could. And that would you say to it I am a completely different person from what I was before and Toya is a completely different person as well.  But was still fundamentally with the same couple, we’ve only been a couple again since December last year when we were able to live together here.

So because of that we feel fortunate and we find ourself in a situation where we’re supported. You know fantastic the fitted out facility with enough care staff the right care staff and it’s like home this is close to being like home as it was before it’s my wife is unwell we consider yourself what fortune you

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