A Testimony by Tay Yanzi

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Fandi_Ahmad_and_BoysYanzi (extreme left), a student doing a course on Community Service Management at the Nanyang Polytechnic, with Li Cheng next to her.

To wake up each morning with eager anticipation for work- this in itself was the very blessing of God unto me … I really thank God for leading me graciously to COH for a three-month period of attachment (April to July).

As I recall my experience, what thrilled me most was not what I could do for the clients, but how they have warmed my heart in their own simple ways.

I would like to share in particular my experience with Joy Class: one that caters to individuals suffering from Cerebral Palsy and intellectual disabilities. The majority of this group have difficulties in movement such as walking and coordinating their limbs. What attracted me to this group was the cheerfulness and joy that exudes from them every day. Despite their disabilities, they seem to be really contented with what they have and never seem tired of spurring one another on to accomplish whatever tasks they have to do.

During my attachment, I learned of the work of God’s healing grace in the life of a client named Li Cheng. Her teacher Grace, tells me that Li Cheng, now a young lady, was born with some deformity in her limbs, due to Cerebral Palsy. She had not able to walk since birth.

I am really very encouraged each time I see Li Cheng. I see her legs that have never walked or supported the weight of her body for at least 17 years, now being able to function and remember that truly, there is nothing too difficult for the Lord our Maker!

Though still wobbly at times, she has been doing well and continues to make improvements in balance and posture.

My heart just overflows with hope and thanksgiving to the Lord who still heals today!

Grace adds, “Even though Li Cheng could not express herself verbally, I believe she has been really thankful to God deep within.”

You can see it as she participates in the singspiration sessions each morning: With no words, just as she is and with all that she can express through her smile, laughter and hand gestures, she praises the Lord heartily.

Through Li Cheng ‘s testimony, God seems to have impressed upon my heart two things. Firstly, He is able to work in the life of any”disabled” person and draw him or her to Himself. Secondly, if Li Cheng can praise -in this manner, what about me?

I must admit that I was more at the receiving end rather than the giving end through three months… I am just so grateful for the many lessons and blessings that God has bestowed upon me throughout this period.

God is good, all the time!

First published in News Flip 2001.

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