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With the recent passing of Jackie’s* father, memories of all the hospital visits came to mind. Despite not being able to get to know him very well, I distinctly remember him saying to me in his dialect, “I trust you”. His statement made it all worthwhile, and I treasured those words in my heart.

My journey with this family started off as a ministry. Making house and hospital visits to a family in need. But as time passed, my perspective changed. My responsibility to visit them was replaced with an ability to laugh with them, accept their idiosyncrasies, and love. Sharing their experiences with them taught me so much and reminded me that life’s lessons are learned when we reflect on what we have been through.

This family has inspired me to be less inward looking; I am no longer petty over my own family issues and am thankful for good decisions my family makes. I no longer complain about the unfairness of life, and have a newfound emotional stability.

God has taken the little time and effort that I spent in helping others, and blessed me with so much in return.

Do we want to be blessed? Do we have great needs?

The answer is to invest in the lives of the underprivileged. Do it because you love and appreciate Him and you will find a fulfillment that will satisfy every empty soul.

* name has been changed for protection of privacy


First Published in News Flip 2008

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