Complicated Kids and Public Perceptions


Amanda chatted with her husband, Jon, to talk about the … educational challenge of taking children with special needs out in public. Do you enlighten that judgey lady on the plane about the tic disorder that’s making your kid kick her seat?

Do you wear T-shirts inviting people interested in why your youngsters do what they do to look it up online?

Do you politely suggest that people mind their own beeswax, or apologize afterwards for your child’s alleged disruptiveness? What you can’t really do is hide your kid in a closet, however much certain members of the public might like you to. Amanda and Jon share their experiences, frustrations, and strategies in a podcast that will have any parent of children who get those looks in public nodding in agreement and sympathy. And if you’re not one of those parents — maybe you need to listen and think about how it feels?



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