Confidence-Building Games I

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Co-operative games* can mould how your special needs child thinks about himself and help nurture his self-esteem. He will learn to appreciate himself for what he can do, have a sense of pride for trying his best, and become more patient with himself.

Try this game!

Balloon Bop Game 

  • Goal: Work together to keep a balloon off the ground without kicking it
  • Benefit: Learn how to make decisions and understand how actions affect other team members
  • Material(s): A balloon
  1. Get a group to hold hands and form a circle
  2. Drop a balloon into the circle
  3. Group members are to move together, using their knees, chests, heads, shoulders, elbows and etc. to keep the balloon in the air
  4. They cannot use their feet and they must continue to hold hands

*The goal of co-operative games is to get people to work together and solve problems as a team while having loads of fun!



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