Confidence-Building Games II

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Play co-operative games to build the confidence of your special needs child. Co-operative games* bring people together to achieve a common goal, allowing your child to participate based on his ability and experience the joy of teamwork.

Try this game!


All Aboard Rope Game

  • Goal: Have fun fitting everyone into an ever-shrinking area
  • Benefit: Develop critical thinking skills in a fun way and try out new ideas
  • Material(s): A rope long enough to encircle a group seated on the ground
  1. Tie the ends of a rope to form a circle large enough to surround all the group members in a seated position
  2. Place the rope on the ground and get everyone to sit inside the circle
  3. Gradually shrink the circle and challenge everyone to come up with creative solutions to fit in the circle

*The goal of co-operative games is to get people to work together and solve problems as a team while having loads of fun!


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