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All we all want in life is a shot – a chance to contribute and make a difference.

Jsaon Mcelwain, J Mac in short, was a young man who had been diagnosed with autism at 2. He just loved sports, basketball in particular. However, because of his height, he could not make the school team and became its team manager instead.

He says of himself, “It’s not a really big deal at all. I’m just normal like other people. That’s just the way I am.”

Completely dedicated to the task and he hardly missed any of the team’s games.

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what happened to J Mac when his community gave him a chance, one day, to shoot for his dreams.

J Mac’s coach says: “It was so special to me that a young man… his dream came true… that I could help… that is just awesome.”

Truly, the difference is something each one of us can make.

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