Lending a Helping Hand


No one understands autism parents like autism parents…

The mark of a true friendship is not that you never disagree or fall out—it’s how well you get over the bumps in the road that counts.

Read on as how Kim with autism diagnosis journeyed her way in writing creative stories—and two years later, inspiring poetry. She wrote more than 100 poems.

In her first poem, Friends Role of Love, Kim shares her desire for friendship:
Friends Role of Love
Friends dance across my life,
Answering my cries and strife,
I begin singing in my heart,
And naming all the friends I cart.
Opening vast oceans of love,
Being friends is like wearing a glove.
My friends hold me tight,
And keep me from fright.
Joy fills my life when friends are here;
I pray my friends will always be near.


Read on at Page 39-41 of Autism File Magazine


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