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Heng Cheok, 46, has Intellectual Disability. He first came to COH 24 years ago, after leaving Towner Gardens School.

At COH, Heng Cheok gets to experience the warmth of people who have come to know him well at the Emmanuel Activity Centre in Tampines which he attends daily. They are familiar with what he likes and how to communicate with him.

“Heng Cheok, yum tong*,” says a Programme Staff endearingly in Cantonese.

“He loves soup,” she explains.

It’s lunchtime at the Centre.

Heng Cheok sits quietly, enjoying his bowl of Lotus Root Soup.

Though unable to speak, it shows clearly on his face how much he savours it. He is all smiles, and gladly accepts the second serving she offers.

Finishing the nutritious broth, he brings his bowl to the sink for it to be washed. Thereafter, he settles back comfortably in his seat next to his classmate and good friend who always keeps a look out for him.

Together, they wait for the movie that is about to start.

In COH, Heng Cheok is at home.

*yum tong means to drink soup in Cantonese, a Chinese dialect

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