My Little Vera

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Ian with his daughter, Vera (Photo credits:

My Little Vera, challenges us to think about the innate worth of every child. Nine years ago,  Ian and Yin May’s daughter, Vera, was born with Trisomy X (T18), a rare genetic disorder that occurs in one out of 3000 live births. While Vera is totally dependent on care, tube-fed, and needs a BiPAP machine when sleeping, she is a true survivor. And, so are her parents. Overcoming their initial shock, they resolved to love and care for Vera, cherishing her dearly for who she is.  Click to read on…

“…our children, no matter how weak they may be, how unresponsive they may seem, how dependent they need to be, how different they look from everyone else – their lives matter…” ~ Yin May

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