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Volunteerism PennyVolunteering at COH over a year-and-a-half ago with my friend, Carol, has been an unforgettable blessing for us. We helped out in Seed Class only on Fridays to get to know these precious clients well. They remember us even when we take long breaks off for our children’s summer holidays.

Being greeted by name as we arrive each Friday gives us a warm feeling that we make a difference in their lives. They know that we keep coming back because we care. The clients of Seed Class like predictability, and are happy to see our familiar faces. Our Volunteer Coordinator has let us continue with the same group so that the clients will feel at home with us.

We help out during outings and field trips as well as in supervising their community service and interacting in their many different classroom activities. We have seen some of the clients grow and mature in their understanding, their social behaviour and their confidence over the time that we have been with them. This is surely a testimony to their dedicated and diligent teachers, Poh Suan and Ai Hwa, who lovingly draw out the best from each person’s abilities.

Carol and I learnt a lot about people with autism through working here. We see how much potential and intelligence locked up within, sometimes emerge in right situations. It is a joy to see how these clients learn to function in society-like daily living activities. Learning to serve others so as to be open to possible employment is greatly encouraged.

We have enjoyed their friendship, their faltering but interesting conversations and their unique personalities. We have been amazed at their gifts, too. Crystal’s embroidery and Shaun’s memory for bus routes for example, have impressed us. So too, how they attempt to do their best in whatever is asked of them.

These special people have left a deep impression in our hearts and minds. We find COH to be an organization which provides a wonderful service with love, kindness and goodness of heart. We are happy to be a small but willing part of this organization for the continual blessings received on the days we spend with our Seed Class clients. The kindness and love of Jesus shown to all the clients is something Carol and I will always remember and appreciate about COH.

Written by Penny de Jongh, Volunteer of Seed Class.
First published in News Flip 2007

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