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After volunteering at COH, I realise that it takes a lot of passion, motivation and determination to do volunteer work. I met a volunteer at COH who stays at Toa Payoh and it takes her an hour to travel to COH. It requires a lot of patience and understanding to work with the handicapped people and we trust that people will be willing to step out of their comfort zone and volunteer their time.

Phang Yu Jia

It was an eye-opener. I learnt more about people with intellectual disabilities and the difficulties they face.

Rachel Lok

I learned that a lot of them are actually capable of living normal lives; they just need someone to believe in them.

Melanie Chan

Before I met the PWDs, I was quite afraid that I would not understand them or be able to communicate with them. I learnt to be more patient with them because I found out about their different abilities. During the first part of the day, when we were doing up the jigsaw puzzle, I felt that it was like a warm up activity for me to get to know them better so that I can better cater to their different needs.

Jacklyn Ng

I think this CIP was a very fulfilling one. I had a lot of fun interacting with the clients, playing games and fixing jigsaw puzzles. Despite their various conditions, I think that each and every one of them has a lot of potential. COH has done a great job in allowing them to showcase their different talents. The environment is perfect and activities are engaging. I wouldn’t mind going again to COH, should there be another CIP opportunity.

Joanne Pan

I’ve learnt that the clients are special in their own way, and are truly endearing and lovable people. Although they are different, it does not make them one bit less beautiful. We initially experienced some difficulties because of the different modes of communication, as well as a lack of knowledge in dealing with them. However, we managed to overcome them and ended up having a very fulfilling time, and we hope they’ve benefited as well!

Charmaine Poh

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