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Whether you are experienced in volunteering or are a first time volunteer, an encounter with the green ambassadors of Project Tree of Life will amaze and enlighten you.

29 August 2013
Led by the Executive Director Samuel Koh, and artist cum tireless volunteer Khor Tuck Kuan, COH’s team of staff and Project Tree of Life green ambassadors visited the Timberland corporate office on this Thursday morning to kick off the COH-Timberland Singapore collaboration with a training workshop to turn recycled bottles into art pieces for public display.

Workshop activities
After a welcome message from Timberland Singapore General Manager, Daisy Tan, and an introduction by COH, the programme got off to a rousing start.
 Yen Peng’s demonstration  Shaun completes his part
 Effendy examines a sample piece Green ambassadors and volunteers
work side by side 

Project Tree of Life green ambassadors Shaun and Yan Peng conducted deft demonstrations for Timberland’s staff volunteers, showing how to transform a used plastic milk bottle from a discard into a divine looking “dove”.

One of the participants, Jacklyn, who has been organising Timberland’s CSR activities for the past four years, remarked, “I was really amazed at how the artworks are created. I even went to YouTube to see how bottle art was created before this, but (what the ambassadors demonstrated) was still something new to me.”

Incidentally, Jacklyn who has also been serving as Timberland’s Global Steward for the past two years, shared that this collaboration is part of Timberland Singapore’s Servapalooza effort, and is a reflection of their values of service and engaging (global) citizens through community service.
 Shaun’s applies his keen eye to his work  Volunteer Jeff
 Peak action before lunch  Khor Tuck Kuan and COH staff

Mark, snip, shape
The workshop went into the practical phase very smoothly, with materials and workspaces already prepared beforehand. Green ambassadors, COH staff and the volunteers from Timberland all worked side by side as they began the process of making their recycled art pieces come to life.

Daisy Tan had two positive comments about Timberland staff involvement in Project Tree of Life. She tells us, “First, we seldom bring the beneficiaries in to where we work. The (green ambassadors) were much more open than I expected, as most of our past experiences with volunteering did not give us much opportunity to interact directly with beneficiaries.”
Volunteering is a breeze! Making her mark right
Staff volunteers having fun Volunteer Lay Hoon, with green ambassador Joyce

In addition, Ms Tan also remarked, “There is something that we are creating together, and you get to see the end result!”.

Jacklyn added, “I am very inspired by the doves that we are making, and excited, especially to show my friends what we created from bottles, into such beautiful art.”

It was a satisfying and enjoyable outcome for the Timberland staff indeed.

Halfway through the programme, the volunteers, green ambassadors and COH staff enjoyed a very appetizing buffet lunch together. Some volunteers kept on working, clearly engrossed in the important details that had to go into creating art pieces.

We caught up with Effendy, who had a challenging and delicate job of using a heat gun to give the final shape to the art pieces. He found Project Tree of Life very interesting, “to know that we can creatively help the disabled.”

Effendy had this piece of advice for any potential volunteer, “Be open-minded. You never know what you will come across, the kind of people you might meet, and the things you might get to do. You will definitely get the chance to do something different from what you see in your everyday life.”
 Fruits of their labour  Thank you, Timberland!

Many thanks to the wonderful management and volunteers at Timberland, for welcoming COH, and especially Project Tree of Life green ambassadors, with such dedication, warmth and friendship.

For the next two months following this workshop, volunteers from Timberland will continue to work with COH on several more projects and outings. Watch out for more event updates on our website.

Are you a school or a corporation that would like to bolster your community involvement in a meaningful, impactful way? Have a look at our Tree of Life page, and click to download the Tree of Life booklet there.

About the Author: The COH Resource Team comprises volunteers, content writers and experts, including psychologists, counsellors, educators and social service professionals.

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