Volunteer Day with Hewlett Packard

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He “hi-fived” all the volunteers. Such was his spontaneous joy that he drew smiles from all around. Cheng (not his real name) was amongst the forty-odd intellectually disabled from the Christian Outreach to the Handicapped Day Activity Centers, who joined 130 (Hewlett Packard) HP befrienders for a picnic at Labrador Park.

The torrential down pour may have washed out the picnic games planned by the HP team, but it did not dampen the spirit of either the beneficiaries or the HP befrienders.

A HP volunteer team leader reports, “Our team leaders were initially fretting that the beneficiaries would be bored since we couldn’t run any of the planned activities. But we realised that our beneficiaries were enjoying the little things in life that we take for granted.”

Things like watching the ships bobbing in the open sea with fascination, and thoroughly enjoying the chatting, in the company of a crowd of people.

Mabel Kong, another HP befriender shares, “This volunteering experience has been wonderful. I wonder who benefitted more – us or the beneficiaries. I find that I am now more appreciative of the things I have in life.”

This sentiment was shared y many of the HP volunteers present. Gerald adds “We sometimes complain about our lot in life. But surely our challenges are minor compared to those faced bu the disabled. Yet they embrace life with such joy. That’s a lesson we have all learned.

Contributed by : Heng Hock Mui, Volunteer from Hewlett-Packard Singapore

First published in the Courier of Hope, 4th Issue 2009


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