You Be There

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I am Caleb

It is in times like these that we can find comfort in the kindness of our friends, our partners, and all donors. You’ve continued with us in times like these, nothing is certain now. But you be there . . .

Often times in life it is extremely easy to forget about all the people that have supported you and pushed you to better yourself. It is easy to forget that you very rarely achieve anything in this world without the help of someone else.

Someone that loves you and cares about you.

Someone that genuinely wants you to be successful in life.

This is our letter of gratitude to each and every single person that has supported us along the way during this journey we embarked 40 years ago.

Moving forward, we are confident that you’ll be there for us. Together, keeping our vision and mission.

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Thank you all for your support.


Peter Tan

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